Answer to Our Customers' Frequent Questions

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We aim to enable you to create your business /website online, with unbeatable rates via a competent team. Trust and customer satisfaction are our watchwords.

Check out the questions we are asked frequently. Don't hesitate to tell usContactif you haven't found the answer to your question.

Our unbeatable rates can be explained in the following way : we handle the majority of our customers' orders remotely With Efficiency And Speed. We prefer contacts by email/chat and return to you by phone only when necessary or during the first phase of your project..

1) When you place an order, you will be automatically redirected to a form so that we can see the first elements necessary to process your form correctly, you just have to fill it out.

2) We come back to you soon after to offer you an adequate and personalized site design in the form of an online mock-up (we can recommend several) and you validate the starting format for the layout of it.

3) You're sending us depending on the format of the site in question texts, photos and items you want to see on the different pages in the spaces provided for their effects (basic, the design of the site will be in line with a dummy text).

4) The work of our team begins truly for the creating and functionally setting up the site (this step can take up to 30 days Maximum).

5) We'll get back to you and introduce you to the final version of your site.Free to you at this stage to share your feedback and wishes so that we make the final changes to your platform.

6) We apply the appropriate changes to your expectations in order to set up your site permanently On our web hosting offered for 1 year (you won't mind anything). Then charged 79.90 HT after the first year.

7) Your site is now online and available to Internet users all over the world! Well done to you \ud83d\ude42

You will have the opportunity to choose a design we will offer you and we even encourage you to show us the models you like from your competitors or another site so that we can start our creation and take into account your tastes. Then, once the architecture has been selected and validated, the customization of your site can begin according to your color choices as well as the texts and photos you have sent us. This way saves you time on the overall architecture of the site you want and allows us to work faster so you can benefit from such an attractive rate.

All the sites we work with are "Responsive" all the time: their content adapts to all devices, Fixed or Portable, Mobile Phones and Tablets. This is a very important point since 7 out of 10 Internet users surf on their mobile phone before making a purchase and search engines take this into account to determine your ranking.

Upon receipt of all the necessary elements to process your order and therefore to create your site (choice of design, sending texts and photos, see the first question of the FAQ) your site will be created generally under 7 to 15 days, this can go as far as 30 days MAXIMUM (according to our influx of orders). For LITE and COMPLET PACKS.

Once the final phase of creating your site is in place, an automatic and explanatory email will detail the steps that will allow you to edit the texts and images on your pages. This will allow you to manage your content yourself when you think it's important to make changes.

Your site will be created with the best databases to be approved by different search engines and this, in accordance with their respective rules so that they can easily index your pages in their database without penalizing you : so you start on the best basis. If you are in a competitive industry, get some web traffic and be in the top Google/Yahoo/Bing positions for your favorite keywords, enjoy the promotion included in your pack to make referencing your site at our partner's home PremBoost.

Enjoy our web hosting of your website offered for 1 year (you won't take care of anything and won't be charged the first year).

Then charged 79.90 HT after the second year.

Not! You pay for a single service that is valid for life (no cost or additional costs). As such, we do not keep your payment information, only you are the holders. Only specific on-demand optimizations after your purchase has been completed can be charged to you.